Since 1995, we have been reinventing ourselves to bring our projects to life and meet the challenges of digital transformation. Our wealth is above all human and teamwork, as imagination and willingness are what drives our actions. Working as one, we truly believe in know-how and sharing. What if we wrote the next chapter of our journey with you?

  • Sportsmanship

  • Human-sized company

  • Mobile & flexible work

  • Training academy

  • Gender Equality

  • Tatiana Gasser

    Embedded Software Intern

    “ After my internship, Actimage will offer me the opportunity to enter the workforce. I'm looking forward to joining a friendly environment with a positive mindset! ”

  • Ashley Holland

    Senior Project Manager

    “ After two decades at Actimage, not a year goes by without advancing the different technology used across client projects. A workplace full of opportunity! ”

  • Marc Lott

    CEO Actimage Germany

    “ Actimage values diversity, especially in thought & action, as illustrated by our structure: partners from all over Europe & a wide range of backgrounds. ”




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